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- Saving Lives Around The World -

International Pet Aid and Welfare is dedicated to bringing high quality veterinary care to developing nations across the globe.

We do not charge the organizations we work with and we believe that by respectfully working together we can all accomplish amazing things.



IPAW (International Pet Aid and Welfare) is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which has been assembled to allow people with highly developed skills in the veterinary field to work in remote places. We work in collaboration with established in-country organizations who need assistance with the veterinary care of the animals that surround them whether they are owned, rescued, or feral.


As they exist now, nearly every nation on earth is likely to have a problem with domestic animal overpopulation. Most developed nations have resources to help combat this problem, but those nations deemed 'developing' are often at odds with the amount of animals within their borders. These animals place a threat to every aspect of life from the spread of diseases to the safety of the people who live among them. Because developing nations are dealing with more large scale problems based in politics, economics, and in some extreme cases, the survival of their citizens, the animals that live on the fringe of these societies are often forgotten, neglected and forced to fend for themselves.

As an organization our main goals are to provide the highest quality veterinary care to animals in developing nations as well as help reduce the population of street animals in these places by way of spay/neuter.


We initially began in October of 2012 after our volunteers were requested to work in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Since then we have worked extensively in Turks & Caicos among other locations. In 2014 we became formally established as an NGO in order to service more organizations. Because the need is so great, but our time allotted in country is so short (about a week), we use MASH style clinics to preform our services. Often we are the only veterinary care option for the native population. This means that during our stay we must provide a wide range of services including: vaccinations, deworming, tick born disease diagnosis and treatment, flea and tick preventative, heartworm testing and preventative, skin disease and mange treatment, sterilization surgeries, and specialty surgeries such as leg amputations, eye enucleations, mass removals and laceration repairs. On an average trip we can provide 50+ spay and neuter surgeries, 3-6 specialty surgeries and 40-60 wellness checks. In total a clinic will cost approximately $4000 - $7,000 USD.


It is because of the amazing support we get from our community and the communities surrounding the NGOs we visit that we are able to continue this work!

To help ensure a better life for domesticated animals and the people who love them by providing high quality, free veterinary care to humane societies, rescues, sanctuaries, and SPCA’s in developing nations around the world.

Our Mission:

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Erin Carston

President / CVT

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Dr. Meghann Vollmer-Kruck

Treasurer / DVM


Patsy Comella



Andrea Corey

Secretary / CVT







Each year MILLIONS of animals the world over require veterinary assistance, but for most there is none. We would like to change that. And with your help, we can!

The donations received by IPAW are put to work subsidizing the costs incurred by IPAW as we travel and prepare for spay/neuter/wellness clinics at the NGOs we work with. Each penny donated is a crucial amount. In some countries it can go an extremely long way.


Travel expenses incurred by international volunteers take up the bulk of our needed donations. The cost of flights and travel insurance can add up quickly, but they are paramount to volunteering in developing nations. In addition to travel expenses, putting on a clinic takes an enormous amount of supplies to preform all the necessary tasks. Everything from vaccines to disinfectants are essential and the list is never-ending. We purchase many of these supplies ourselves and transport them to the organizations we are currently working with.

With each donation made to IPAW the donor is making a strong statement that they care not only about the animals in their local area, but also about the homeless, injured and desperate animals around the world!

Every Penny Makes
A Difference!


If you would like to have IPAW come to your location, or if you would simply like more information, please send us a message and we would be happy to accommodate you.

Thanks for submitting!

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